• Parents, due to the damage from Hurricane Ian we are not able to enroll any new students at the current time. For more information please email us at preschool@abiding-love.com

  • Mission Statement

    As an extension of Abiding Love Lutheran Church, our preschool exists to share God’s love and saving plan with young children and their families, while providing spiritual and educational nurturing within a loving, creative and structured environment.
    • Learning & Fun

      Children experience both group and individual activities that promote hands-on and interactive learning.

    • Christian Education

      Combining loving families, loving teachers and the love of God, we provide a rich educational and spiritual environment for each child.

    • Friendly Place

      We strive to encourage the development of the Christian virtues of love, friendship, forgiveness, self-discipline, responsibility, honesty, courage, commitment and faith.

    • Children Safety

      Our staff has completed the required forty-five hours of state education, and all have CPR and first aid training.

  • Bible Curriculum

    Our Bible instruction permeates every part of our curriculum, and it is our hope that it fills your family home as well. The base of our daily Bible Time includes:

    • One in Christ Curriculum
    • Use of beginner’s Bible and story Bible
    • Songs of praise
    • Prayers
    • Sharing a family interaction page, sent home weekly for in-home Bible lesson review
  • Chapel

    Chapel with Mr. Ben Mahnke, Staff Minister is every Wednesday at 8:30am at church. Every child and teacher will walk up and get to experience a church setting while Pastor retells the Bible lesson and connects it to the children’s every day life. They learn to listen, pray and to praise God. This is a wonderful experience for the children. We encourage parents to join their children at chapel services to show the importance of learning and knowing their Savior.

  • Creative Curriculum

    Creative curriculum is an early childhood curriculum that focuses on project-based investigations as a means for children to apply skills. It addresses four areas of development; social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language through:

    • Circle Time: Daily group teaching time in which children learn to recognize the days of the week, numbers, months of the year and seasons through calendar work. Children also learn to identify letters, shapes and colors through various group activities and songs.
    • Story Time: Interactive storytelling, in which children listen and respond to a book read by staff.
    • Center Time: Monitored free play in which students visit and participate in the following centers: Language Art, Math, Science, Block, Art, Pretend, Movement
  • Meet Our Staff

    With education and experience in early childhood care. Our staff has completed the required forty-five hours of state education, and all have CPR and first aid training.
    • Cindy Hubble
      Early Childhood Ministry/VPK Director

      Cindy Hubble

      Early Childhood Ministry/VPK Director

      Cindy began her service as a Preschool Board member and in June of 2010 was asked to be a VPK Assistant.  Cindy later became the Director of the VPK.  Cindy has her Child Development Associate (CDA) license from the State of Florida.  She also possesses her Director’s credentials.


    • Brooke Mahnke
      VPK Teacher Assistant

      Brooke Mahnke

      VPK Teacher Assistant

      Brooke joined the VPK staff at Abiding Love Lutheran Church in August of 2021 as the VPK assistant. Brooke graduated from Martin Luther College in 2020 with a Secondary Education degree in English. Brooke says, “It’s neat to experience just how much about God’s Word our children pick up. They have a faith that’s wonderful to see!”

    • Bethany Wu
      Lead Teacher

      Bethany Wu

      Lead Teacher

      Bethany was called to service at Abiding Love Lutheran Church in May of 2021 after she graduated from Martin Luther College. Bethany holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Bethany also holds her Child Development Associate (CDA) from the state of Florida. Bethany says she has always wanted to be involved in an Early Childhood Ministry. She added that she feels blessed to be a part of Abiding Love Lutheran Church and Preschool/VPK saying, “I am grateful to have the privilege of sharing God’s word and serving young children and their families.”

    • Britta Wilsch
      VPK Wrap Around Teacher

      Britta Wilsch

      VPK Wrap Around Teacher

      Britta joined the office staff at Abiding Love Lutheran Church in January 2017 where she served as the church secretary and also provided IT support. Britta became part of the Abiding Love Preschool staff in August of 2019 and worked in administration and as a Preschool classroom helper. She completed her Florida Child Care Professional Credential in June of 2020 and started teaching in the classroom. Britta has her Child Development Associate (CDA) license since August 2022 and also holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Britta is married and has a daughter. Britta says, “I have always enjoyed serving the Lord by helping others and have volunteered in many ways over the years.  When I was approached with the opportunity to be part of the Abiding Love staff, I made my decision in a heartbeat.  Since I learned God’s love through devoted Christians who shared God’s word with me as a young child, I know the importance of our Preschool.”

    • Derek went here!! Absolutely the best school and staff

      Ashley W.
    • Agreed! AL came highly recommended! We love the teachers and Pastor. ☺️🧡

      Marie H.
    • The first thing Clayton did this morning was go to the window and announce “mom, it’s the first day of fall” He’s been learning so much and gets so excited about it!!! Thank you!

      Brenda B.
    • Fabulous place to learn, surrounded by love.

      Nancy D.
  • Contact Us

    Our postal address and contact details
    • Postal Address

      3205 Chiquita Blvd. S
      Cape Coral, FL 33914

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    • Business Hours

      Monday – Friday
      7.00 am – 5.30 pm

    • Sessions

      Half Days: 8:30 am – 11:30 am
      Full Days: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

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